Saturday, October 1, 2011

been alittle bit

Things have calmed down considerable. Monique is ok for now. I ended up giving her my car. Its a 92, and frankly is only worth maybe $300 if that. I figure if she can't find a place to stay at least she has shelter for the night (the car). Right now she is at a woman's shelter and I'm hoping will be there til her housing assistance comes through. She got her pysch exams back and she has PTSD and is bi-polar (some of which I kinda suspected) and that apparently qualified her for housing assistance. I wish her luck and I will keep her in my prayers, but there is only so much I can do. I will most likely continue to help her with her cell phone, simply because, for safety's sake, I believe she should have one. But I've been talking to alot of other people and the main advice has all been the same. Don't let her become dependent on you for help ALL the time. There are things she needs to do for herself. And I know now that they are right. I just need to remind myself to breath.
Not much has been happening lately, other than working. I've started walking again, and I needed to do that badly. I've lost a couple of pounds already so thats always a plus, lol. I'm toying with an idea in my head reguarding my pen palling. I'm considering place an ad in my local newspaper for local pen pals. Something along the lines of "Female, over 18, under 50, seeks an old fashioned correspondance. You know, pen/paper. Men and woman welcome. No topic off limits. My sole condition is that we shall never ever meet" and then an address. The only thing I may change is that I may not use my po box address. I may rent a mailbox at one of the checkcashing places. Only because most of my family knows my address, or that I have a pobox and will connect me with the ad. I will use a nickname for the add also, not my real name. I am truly curious as the response I may get. But its still in the idea stage. We'll see.