Monday, February 6, 2012

Mz.Psycho again

So in the past month I've gotten 4 things in the mail from LAW. 1 was a letter last friday. And today I got 3 postcards from her. All the same bs saying I'm getting sued by her and la de da. Stupid bitch. Bring it, I say. She says that I am so beaten down by her that I will say and do anything to get attension... Umm, lady, I'm not the one mailing letters every week to people I don't even know calling them names and talking all sorts of shit about them. You are. Please, for god's sake, pull your head outta your ass. Anyways I placed a pen pal ad up state 2 weeks ago and so far have gotten 3 letters from it. 2 from inmates (I have a po box) I wish it was more. I'd like some more friends from up in that area. But we'll see. I still have 2 more weeks for the ad.