Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Long dreary days....

My life has been slightly boring lately. On one hand thats a good thing, since I haven't heard from ms.pyscho since the beginning of feb. (Thank You God!!!) But 2 things have happened to brighten up my days. The most important one is my upcoming trip. I'm leaving town in June, to go see Desi. She's in NY. It will be my first trip that far away. And also, my first train trip. I decided to not to fly for 2 reasons. #1. I'm a chicken shit. #2. I don't really feel like getting groped. :) I am REALLY looking forward to this. Grandma will possibly go ape shit on me due to $$$ but fuck it. Its paid for. So its all good. And its not like I'm asking her to fund it. I got it all taken care of. I may not have alot of spending money while I'm out that, but I'll have enough to get by, and have alittle bit of fun.

The second thing is, I've been thinking more and more about my idea of placing an ad in a local paper for pen pals. I decided to do it, and took the ad out today. It comes out tomorrow. Its a weekly freebie rag, one of those Nickel & Dime type freebies, but it goes to 8 counties, and although it only started appearing here about a year or so ago, its grown CONSIDERABLY. And to be honest its much better than the Nickel, which has been running here for years and years. I get it every week just too see whats in there, and also what personal ads are running. The ad itself was short and sweet. "Bored Female 30ish loves writing, seeks old school postal pen pals, possible new friends. Everyone welcome, any age. No inmates however. Write to" and the address. It will be interesting to see what, or any, kind of replies I get. Especially since I put the "Bored" part in. Maybe I'll get some suggestions lol. We'll see.