Friday, January 4, 2013

New year new start

So much for blogging more often huh? Yeah well, I'm crazy, get used to it. That is one of my resolutions for the year though. Blog more. Also, to try and find new people and make new friends in my area. I have made one good start. I placed an ad on craigslist and got 1 reply from a lady who was real (not spam mail like the other 3), and actually lived near me. We've met once already and walked around the track near the school that is near me. We may have to change locations though since school will be re-starting on monday (xmas breaks over). She is new year, her and her husband moved her beginning of dec from the mid west. Big change thats for sure. She says they picked oregon partly because it actually has 4 seasons. Not just hot/cold lol. I can understand that. Like many one of my resolutions is to lose weight, and I figure if I have a walking buddy, I'll have somebody to keep me in check. I'm hoping to find a couple more people, so I may place once more ad, this time in one of the local penny saver rags. I tried the newspaper, for one week and got 2 replies from that, but neither lady lived near the area's I mentioned. I didn't say in the ad exactly where I lived (Remember, I'm crazy, not stupid) but put some general area's near enough to me so that anyone else who may live near me would know, and get ahold of me. But no luck. I figure I'll try one more... Then I may look into possibly going to some classes or something to try and meet new people. Also, when I get my tax return, I'm getting moped. I have wanted one of those things FOREVER. And a tank of gas on one of those would last me a month an ahalf lol. So once I have something to get around on (more than just my bicycle! And faster too!!) that will help tremendously. So thats the plan.... Now lets see if I can make it happen! :)