Friday, January 4, 2013

New year new start

So much for blogging more often huh? Yeah well, I'm crazy, get used to it. That is one of my resolutions for the year though. Blog more. Also, to try and find new people and make new friends in my area. I have made one good start. I placed an ad on craigslist and got 1 reply from a lady who was real (not spam mail like the other 3), and actually lived near me. We've met once already and walked around the track near the school that is near me. We may have to change locations though since school will be re-starting on monday (xmas breaks over). She is new year, her and her husband moved her beginning of dec from the mid west. Big change thats for sure. She says they picked oregon partly because it actually has 4 seasons. Not just hot/cold lol. I can understand that. Like many one of my resolutions is to lose weight, and I figure if I have a walking buddy, I'll have somebody to keep me in check. I'm hoping to find a couple more people, so I may place once more ad, this time in one of the local penny saver rags. I tried the newspaper, for one week and got 2 replies from that, but neither lady lived near the area's I mentioned. I didn't say in the ad exactly where I lived (Remember, I'm crazy, not stupid) but put some general area's near enough to me so that anyone else who may live near me would know, and get ahold of me. But no luck. I figure I'll try one more... Then I may look into possibly going to some classes or something to try and meet new people. Also, when I get my tax return, I'm getting moped. I have wanted one of those things FOREVER. And a tank of gas on one of those would last me a month an ahalf lol. So once I have something to get around on (more than just my bicycle! And faster too!!) that will help tremendously. So thats the plan.... Now lets see if I can make it happen! :) 

Friday, November 2, 2012

In a few days....

The election will be over (no matter who your voting for, thank God, it'll be over) and I'll be 32. Yup, birthday coming up. (runs away screaming) lol, just kidding. Well maybe. I am doing good. Getting over a cold. I'm thinking of re-vamping this blog, or possibly just starting a new one... I'm leaning towards a new one. I will keep this one however. See, I want to do a "story" type of blog... Basically it would amount to a fake blog, but as a story... Now whether or not I'll be honest and tell people its fake is up for debate. Though, if I go with the story idea I'm thinking of, people will know its fake from the first word, but will still find it entertaining. I don't know yet. Give me time I'll think of something lol. I'm crazy, bear this in mind at all times when dealing with me... Hell, I didn't call it "CrazyWoman" for nothing!!! :) Til next time....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sorting mail lol

So much for posting more often heh? Lol, yeah I know, I'm pathetic. But hey, at least I'm honest. And I think the key word here, is TRY. :-) Anyways I'm back at work full time now, thank God. I've been working 5 days a week Mon-Fri since the beginning of Aug. I don't have much $$$ but bills are getting paid, and I should be able to start putting some savings away starting with my next check. Hell, even if its only $40 per check, it'll be something. The job I'm at is seasonal, which means I'll be laid off mid December, but I've been with the company (seasonally anyway) for 15 years, so I know what I'm getting into.

 I quit my retail job at a dollar store. I'd been there since march of 2011, and the ENTIRE time, except for this past Easter, it had been 1-2 days a week, sometimes not even that, for 5 hour shifts only. Um, yeah, I'm not ever gonna make it on my own on that kind of money. If I was 18, maybe I could be happy with that (Yay! I don't have to work today!) but I'm not. I'm 31, will be 32 soon. Buh Bye!!! The one good thing to come out of it is that I learned to be a cashier, so I have that experience to put down on future job searches. Which, come December, will be starting again. But thats ok. I keep going back to the seasonal job for 2 reasons. #1, obviously, $$$$$. They pay more per hour, simple as that. #2 though, I love the job. Physically, I'm moving around most of the day, even when I'm standing in one place, I have stuff coming to me. (Its a food/snack/goodies company, they sell by catalog, internet and various stores, including, but not limited to, their own stores)

Its an assembly line type of workplace, so stuff is always coming at you, whether your putting 1-4 things on in the basket as it comes down the line, or a packer, putting the whole thing together, from off of a tray from the tray line (I'm usually on the tray line, only I'm just adding the pears/apples, etc to the tray, to be sent down the packers... You would NOT believe how fast those packers can pack. Seriously, they are FAST FAST FAST!!! I can't do it that fast). So even when I'm standing still, I have stuff coming to me, which means my attention is on that, and it also makes the day go by ALOT faster than it would at a desk job. I love that. I wouldn't be able to stand a desk job. Not unless I was also able to move around alot. Seriously, if someone wanted to just hire me to be an errand girl or some shit, I'd be more than ok with that. Cause I'd be moving around and well, it would make the day go by fast. I may look into something like that after I'm laid off again. Cause I really wouldn't mind it.

I'm still pen palling, will be til I die, lol. I need to cut some pals loose though. Some I'm just not bonding with, and some I just don't hear from often enough to want to keep writing (we're talking once every 3-4 months here, not every few weeks). So I'm letting some go. I'm going to write them though and let them know. I'll be nice about it, just say something about $$ reasons or something. Though to be honest thats also partially true, cause once I'm laid off again, at least for awhile, I won't be able to buy stamps as often as I like. I was able to keep it up this last time around (the last lay off I mean) but this next year may be different because my grandma, who I live with, is retiring in Jan. And both my dad's and I's rent will be alittle more. Not by much, but we're gonna be splitting the cable/light/food bills 3 ways. I don't think it will be more than about 50 a week for me (I'm paying $30 per week right now, and when I'm laid off again, my unemployment will be $118 a week) So I'll be limiting some of my hobbies.... But I'll still be writing lol :-)

My main bill right now is my phone bill, but I may be able to take care of that in Nov. I got a walmart straight talk phone, and they have 6-month cards... Unlimited everything for 6 months. I'm thinking, to save myself the hassle, I will get 1 maybe 2 of those cards in November, that way, if I end up not finding work for awhile after I'm laid off, I'll at least not have to worry about my phone getting shut off. Cause god knows, I need my phone. I text. Alot. Daily. :-) Anyways we will see how it goes. I'll know by Feb. if I need to limit my palling by ALOT or if I'll be able to carry it on just fine. To be honest, I think it will be fine. What I do know for sure is that I will never give it up. I love it too much.  Well, I'll post again in a few days. Til next time....

Friday, July 27, 2012

Back at home....

Trip to Buffalo was awesome!!!!! Seriously one of the best decisions I've made. I had a blast. We went to Niagara Falls, and that was probably one of the coolest experiences of my life. We went on a boat that goes right up to wear the falls come down. Got totally drenched, but it was worth it. I took a ton of pics from the train... More from in CO than any other. Most of the places we went through were pretty flat. And I love the mountains lol. I may have to go back to CO for a visit. That place was freakin beautiful. I am going to start updating this blog more often. I've been kinda slacking since I started it. But no biggie. :) After all, its not like everybody and their mother is reading it..... Yet. lol :) Til next time....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I leave a week from today. The waiting is bugging me more than I thought it would. But soon I'll be there, and I can't wait! I'm taking my stationary and letters with me, so I'll have something to do on the train. Plus my books so I'll be keeping myself entertained. Pretty much the only thing I need to do now is make sure I get on the train on time and don't freak out in Chicago lol. Sacramento won't be to bad I don't think, but hey I been wrong before. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Been alittle while. Not much new to report expect that the dates are now set for my trip. I'll be gone June 13th til the 26th. I am soooooo looking forward to this its not even funny. I leave 2 weeks from today! Pretty much the only things I still have to do is get a travel pillow for the train. I'm taking Amtrak. I'm just to chicken shit to fly lol. I also need to get some of those snack bars (like those breakfest/power bars) to have something to eat on the train. I don't want to pay for meals on the train. I'm allowed 2 carry-on's NOT counting purses so I'll use one for my books, and one for a change of clothes, snacks, plus my purse, and a fanny pack. I'll have my wallet/phone/charger/cash in the fanny pack. Only I won't be wearing it on my fanny, but in front lol. I'm crazy, not stupid. I will try and post more often now that I have access to a computer more often than I use too. I heard from LAW again. She claimed she emailed a court show about her "case" against me, and that I had nothing to lose by going on tv with her cause I would get $200-300 just for being on the show, a free flight there and free hotel. So I told her whatever, bring it. Not only do I KNOW she would freakin miserably, (I have every letter, and email and facebook message she's sent me AND OTHERS calling us all sorts of names, and yet she wants to see ME for "slander"?! Yeah, ooookaaaaay bitch, bring it) but I seriously doubt she even contacted them. I want her to go away and stop freakin bothering me and my friends. But apparently she doesn't know how. Anyways I'm out for now. Later Gaters...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Long dreary days....

My life has been slightly boring lately. On one hand thats a good thing, since I haven't heard from ms.pyscho since the beginning of feb. (Thank You God!!!) But 2 things have happened to brighten up my days. The most important one is my upcoming trip. I'm leaving town in June, to go see Desi. She's in NY. It will be my first trip that far away. And also, my first train trip. I decided to not to fly for 2 reasons. #1. I'm a chicken shit. #2. I don't really feel like getting groped. :) I am REALLY looking forward to this. Grandma will possibly go ape shit on me due to $$$ but fuck it. Its paid for. So its all good. And its not like I'm asking her to fund it. I got it all taken care of. I may not have alot of spending money while I'm out that, but I'll have enough to get by, and have alittle bit of fun.

The second thing is, I've been thinking more and more about my idea of placing an ad in a local paper for pen pals. I decided to do it, and took the ad out today. It comes out tomorrow. Its a weekly freebie rag, one of those Nickel & Dime type freebies, but it goes to 8 counties, and although it only started appearing here about a year or so ago, its grown CONSIDERABLY. And to be honest its much better than the Nickel, which has been running here for years and years. I get it every week just too see whats in there, and also what personal ads are running. The ad itself was short and sweet. "Bored Female 30ish loves writing, seeks old school postal pen pals, possible new friends. Everyone welcome, any age. No inmates however. Write to" and the address. It will be interesting to see what, or any, kind of replies I get. Especially since I put the "Bored" part in. Maybe I'll get some suggestions lol. We'll see.