Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Been alittle while. Not much new to report expect that the dates are now set for my trip. I'll be gone June 13th til the 26th. I am soooooo looking forward to this its not even funny. I leave 2 weeks from today! Pretty much the only things I still have to do is get a travel pillow for the train. I'm taking Amtrak. I'm just to chicken shit to fly lol. I also need to get some of those snack bars (like those breakfest/power bars) to have something to eat on the train. I don't want to pay for meals on the train. I'm allowed 2 carry-on's NOT counting purses so I'll use one for my books, and one for a change of clothes, snacks, plus my purse, and a fanny pack. I'll have my wallet/phone/charger/cash in the fanny pack. Only I won't be wearing it on my fanny, but in front lol. I'm crazy, not stupid. I will try and post more often now that I have access to a computer more often than I use too. I heard from LAW again. She claimed she emailed a court show about her "case" against me, and that I had nothing to lose by going on tv with her cause I would get $200-300 just for being on the show, a free flight there and free hotel. So I told her whatever, bring it. Not only do I KNOW she would freakin miserably, (I have every letter, and email and facebook message she's sent me AND OTHERS calling us all sorts of names, and yet she wants to see ME for "slander"?! Yeah, ooookaaaaay bitch, bring it) but I seriously doubt she even contacted them. I want her to go away and stop freakin bothering me and my friends. But apparently she doesn't know how. Anyways I'm out for now. Later Gaters...

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