Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So MizzCrazyBitch aka, LAW is at it again. She blocked me on FB back in May. Well, this past sunday she unblocked me and went straight to my friends list and began sending several of them emails telling me what a fat bitch I am, that I'm a liar, and oh yeah, their all idiot sheep for being friends me, look like fucking whales, etc etc. The bitch has lost her damn mind, thats all there is to it. I don't get it. Below, is the message she sent me...

Wow, I'm glad I unblocked you, cuz I found where u said some BS about me on ur wall on Dec. 30th!!! Man, you are an attention freak aren't you...u crave attention no matter where and how u get it! Oh, BTW, before I reported the shit you said about me on Dec. 30th...I PRINTED IT ALL OUT!! Damn!!! I even have the printout where u said you want to appear on tv court show!! YES!!!! no backing out now!!! I'll submit a case tomorrow or first of this week...I'm thinking maybe Judge Mathis...and I'll show him the email where Mary Ann S called me the N word...Judge Mathis doesn't take any SHIT! Since Mary Ann is ur friend...hey u just admited where you, Frank, Lisa Lippert, Mary Ann and Shauna should appear too, Hell bring them along! I'll sue all of them all at once!!! I know you are "slow" but re-read my letter. I said I COULD have you banned from facebook. I never said I WOULD! Jeez! Since I have a copy of the death threat and a visible addy (snail mail) to Facebook, I still COULD!!! Are u scared? I bet you are! So, like I said, since you are willing to be on a court tv show...I'll submit a case...Judge Judy would EAT YOU ALIVE...I would pay to see THAT!!!!! It would be awesome! I'll show her EVERYTHING...esp the postcard you sent out of spite!! I'm prepared, are you??? I might just go ahead and file a police report here! You forgot to tell ur buddies all the letters you sent me via snail mail last summer and the yellow envie one you sent me a week be4 Christmas! LOL LOL I love where you wrote on the envie "you need to read this"! I hope the Postmaster got the note I left him/her! Talk about harassement!!! Oh, be sure to cut and past this email on ur open facebook wall...ur idiot pals will get a kick out of this!!! BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED!!!!! See ya in court!! :)

She keeps saying she's going to take us to court but not a real court (as you can see from above) but court tv. Uh honey, they'll be laughing at YOU not me... The only reason I know she will never do it is that she KEEPS ON SENDING US LETTERS. BY MAIL!! We ALL have sooooooo much shit against her, its not even funny. I seriously hope she does sue me cause she will lose miserably! The thing is though, I really wish she would pull her head out of her ass and get help. Cause she clearly needs it!

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