Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chopped my hair off

Got a new haircut today, it looks pretty good! I'm loving it. I do like my long hair but right now with the heat the way it is, its just better this way! Plus my hair tends to grow back fairly quickly. Not much happenin at the moment. I became an auntie again last friday. He will be the last baby in the family for quite sometime. So everyone is just loving on him, including his older siblings (1 brother, 1 sister). He's a "pretty baby" my grandma says, then said " Well, I probably shouldn't call him Pretty, but he is. He's a beautiful baby!" :) She's funny like that sometimes. I love the woman to death. She HATES the internet though and computers. She thinks its the dumbest thing ever invented. But she also hates my pen palling habbit as well. She said to me once that she doesn't get writing a letter to someone you'll probably never meet. Her feelings toward my hobby are part of the reason I got a po box. (I live with my grandma currently). At least its "outta sight outta mind" so I don't hear her complaints about it to often. Alright, I'm running outta time here, later!! :)

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