Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shoot me please....

Well its official. I'm going to prison in October. Don't worry though, its just for a visit. But oh dear god how I sooooooooo do not want to go. Long story short, my now ex-best friend "Bob" (needless to say, not his real name) got arrested over the xmas holidays for molesting his nieces. To say that that was the last fucking thing I saw coming is the understatement of the fucking century. I knew this guy for 12 years. AND I hooked him up with my best friend "Izzie" (again, not her real name). Izzie was one of my pen pals and I had first hooked her up with writing to another buddy of mine "Aaron"... She came to town to see him when his best friend fell off a mountain and died (I'm not lying, you can google his friend, Steven Bouknight he fell off of Table Rock in here in Oregon and died). He then dumped her the day before she fell home.

Well during her stay, she met my buddy Bob, and after about 5 or 6 months, they started talking on the phone pretty much every day... I won't get into everything here, but long story short she fell for him, and he for her. She came out here again, and then again last november. They were having a few issues, at one point she went back to a different ex-boyfriend who said he was still in love with her, but that lasted 2 years and ended. But her and Bob kept talking that whole time, she was honest with him about everything. Everybody including Bob's mom believed they would work it out. Then came the arrest.

Izzie now knows that the relationship itself is done.... She knows he did it, (as he admitted it, and took a plea deal, and will be in prison the next 5 years. Plus he told me to my fucking face he did it). But some part of her believes that maybe just maybe he wouldn't have done it if she hadn't had gone back to her ex. Which I think we all know is bullshit. So now here's the deal. She's coming out here in Oct to basically say Goodbye. And more than that, as much as I hate to say it, I think its a good thing. Because maybe if she hears him say to her face that he likes to play with little girls, maybe she will pull her head out of her ass. So why am I going you ask? Cause there ain't no way in hell I'm letting her go in there by herself. HELL NO!!! Plus I got some shit I need to say to him too. And maybe if I can, smack the shit outta him. :) It'll get me banned for life for visiting him, but trust me, after I got in Oct. I ain't EVER going back.

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