Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazy few days...

Things have been alittle crazy and busy the past few days, hence, the reason I haven't posted. I have a friend, Monique who is semi-homeless at the moment. She's a bit of a big girl, so she's needed some rides to various places, so I've been giving both her, and a couple of male friends of her's rides when they need it (and when I have the gas). We got pulled over one night cause god fucking forbid I picked them up at a well known transisit (spell??) park. It was so stupid and in the end he didn't even give a ticket. Assbag. Anyways I'm at the library right now, looking up some books, and basically trying to have a good day but thats hard to do when your allergies are also acting up and you keep feeling like your about to hack up a lung.... One piece of good news though...  The West Memphis Three are finally free.

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