Monday, August 15, 2011

New to this

Sup? Ok, I'm a bit new to Blogspot. I used to have a blog waaaaay back in 2000 or so, on what was Some of you may know what became of that one (if not google it... And trust me, I'm still pissed) I decided to make this first entry a few details about me. I'm 30 years old, live in Oregon, (Best state in the fucking country if you ask me, in my not so humble opinion). I'm single no kids, may not ever have kids, have 2 younger sisters, parents divorced in 93 (for which I thank them & God daily lol... They soooooo did not belong together), and I have a bit of an unusual habit/hobby. I pen pal. As in, pen, paper, ink, envelope and stamp. Yep, good 'ol snail mail. I love the fact that I get something in the mail damn near every day thats not another bill, or ads for crap I'll never need in my bloody fucking life. I love the fact that someone took the time out of their day and wrote me a letter. And I love sitting down to relax, and composing a letter to someone who, while I may never meet in person, I care about. I get my pen pals by sometimes placing ads online (there are some good postal pen pal websites online) and ads in newspapers, and Friendship Books, FB's for short. If you want to know what those are, go google it, its too much to explain here. Anyways I love to read books as well, go for bike rides, walks, and even drives by myself, and basically just enjoy my life... I will try to post daily, but due to the fact that I don't have internet access at my house, I have to use the library, or my local cybercenter to get online. No biggie, as I usually still mange to get online daily, except for holidays (which frankly annoy me). Oh, and one more thing I should say, should you decided to keep reading my drivel, I'm a raging liberal, have no problem with gays, gay marriage, blacks, mexican's, muslim's, or any other race or creed. Frankly, I think the goverment should not be apart of ANY marriage between ANYONE. My theory is, though I know it will never happen, is that EVERYBODY has the basic right to be left the fuck alone. If you have a problem with certain people marrying, fine, DON'T MARRY THEM. If you don't like mexicans, muslims, etc, fine, BUT LEAVE THEM ALONE. They aren't charging into YOUR home. Leave. Them. Be. Really, people, it ain't that hard. But I will shut up now, and leave it at that.  :) Til Tomorrow... Holla! :)

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